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La Brique et La Violette

Discover artisanal elegance with "La Brique et La Violette" eyewear, meticulously handcrafted in the heart of Toulouse, France. Elevate your style with frames that blend timeless sophistication and modern design. Each pair tells a story of craftsmanship, passion, and attention to detail, ensuring you not only see the world through clear lenses but also do so with unparalleled style. Explore our collection and experience the perfect fusion of French artistry and eyewear excellence. Unveil the essence of La Brique et La Violette – where every frame is a masterpiece.

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La Brique & La Violette Capsymetrik NO/EMLa Brique & La Violette Capsymetrik NO/EM
Mini-Oscar - La Brique & La VioletteMini-Oscar - La Brique & La Violette
Lip BL/RS - La Brique & La VioletteLip BL/RS - La Brique & La Violette
Lip RO/BR  - La Brique & La VioletteLip RO/BR  - La Brique & La Violette
Tribord - La Brique & La VioletteTribord - La Brique & La Violette
Min Leon - La Brique & La VioletteMin Leon - La Brique & La Violette
Jeff - La Brique & La VioletteJeff - La Brique & La Violette
La Brique & La Violette Min RegloLa Brique & La Violette Min Reglo
Joker - La Brique & La VioletteJoker - La Brique & La Violette